Wi-Fi Modules

Wi-Fi modules are an effective way to connect a digital device to a wireless connection if there are no special Wi-Fi cards on your personal computer or laptop. This wi-fi module is perfectly compatible with all known versions of operating systems (Windows, Linux), which allows you to achieve full versatility.

The Wi-fi lcc module acts as an adapter that allows the device to receive a signal from an indoor router. The received signal is used to access the Internet with subsequent data transmission. The presented wi-fi module quectel allows data transfer at a speed of up to 150 megabits per second.

The wi-fi bt modules available in the catalog allow using the Internet of Things, as well as performing all user actions on the network, including receiving and transmitting data at high speed. Special adapters fit any digital device that uses standard interfaces and I / O ports.

The technical characteristics of the modules provide users with a stable Internet connection and high data transfer rates. Several current versions of Wireless Fidelity modules allow you to choose a board in accordance with your own needs.

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