Satron Electronics | Electronic components supply and contract manufacturing
SATRON electronics

SATRON electronics

Satron Electronics is the project oriented company with a variety of related business lines to support the full cycle of customer service. We supply components according to the distribution linecard of our company, supply components from trusted partners, select analogues and provide assistance in introducing them into customer products, perform contract development and assembly of equipment.

The main business lines of the Company are:

  • Supply of electronic components: various wireless data transmission modules for IoT solutions, single board computers, data recording and storage devices (embedded storage), microcircuits, semiconductors, passive components, connectors and wire harnesses, batteries;
  • Contract assembly of electronics and production of printed circuit boards;
  • Original development manufacturing, core competencies: vehicle and asset tracking equipment, eCall In-vehicle communication system, IoT sensors, power supply adapters.

The backbone of the company is a team of highly qualified skilled engineers; high partner reputation and high-quality project support service, accumulated resources and reliable supply chains.

Consolidation warehouses of the company in South East Asia and Eastern Europe allows us to guarantee timely and safe deliveries.