Creating the company, we initially established a goal to provide complex services in the sphere of delivering the following equipment:

  • GSM/GPRS modules
  • GPS modules
  • GPS/Glonass modules
  • Personal trackers
  • Accessories to the products listed above

When distributing the wireless navigation equipment we try to go a step ahead of all our competitors and foresee the demands of the clients by using a regular monitoring and analysis of the navigation equipment industry.

Satron Electronics company regularly diversifies its business by constant expansion of the products variety and by offering additional services and accompanying goods including antennas and connecting sockets directly from manufacturers.

Competently organized and efficient client support system allows us to effectively conduct each transaction starting from the first contact with a consumer to delivery of goods. Afterwards the company ensures the after-sales support in the operating mode most convenient to the client.

Nowadays each new day of work with the clients is a new chapter in the success history of Satron Electronics, and we do our best to saturate it with a philosophy based on a stable work with suppliers, offering the advanced products to the market and providing a reliable support of clients at anytime. Our purpose is to push all the boundaries and enter a new level of producing and distributing the wireless navigation equipment which meets all requirements of the clients, and to make modern GPS equipment maximally affordable for all consumers.