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5G Modules

5g modules is a special device designed to connect to fifth generation communication, which provides high speed Internet access. 5g lte modules are designed for personal computers, laptops and other equipment on which it is impossible to connect to the fifth generation communication without using additional modules.

Among the main advantages of 5g modules are:

  • support for modern types of communication and LTE-A;
  • optimal technical characteristics;
  • high stability in operation;
  • ease of use;
  • low latency;

The fifth generation communication module allows you to unleash the potential of this technology to the maximum. Thanks to 5g, the Internet access speed reaches ten gigabyte per second, which is a record value for mobile communications and LTE.

Several versions of 5g modules are available in the product catalog, which differ in technical characteristics. Based on the basic parameters, it will not be difficult for the user to choose the most suitable option. Internet 5g can be used for any purpose (watching streaming video, downloading large files, conducting professional activities).

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