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3G Modules

3g modules are used by computer users around the world to get a stable internet connection on devices that are not equipped with antennas to receive a third generation communication signal. For this reason, 3g lte modules give every owner of a computer, laptop and other digital devices the opportunity to access the Internet at any convenient time.

Main advantages

3g modules provide fast internet with a connection speed of 5 to 14 megabits per second. These values ​​are sufficient to satisfy the needs of many users. The external device 3g lte modules allows a person to watch videos on special hosting, open sites with thematic content, and also conduct correspondence with other users on the Internet without experiencing serious discomfort.

Umts modules support most of the standard internet protocols, meeting the latest quality and technical specifications. On the site page, you can find many hspa modules models, choosing the best module with the necessary characteristics for your specific goals. These devices are compatible with most personal computers and all major operating systems.

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