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Quite many applications need antennas that get mounted outdoors. This implies that the external antenovas must be manufactured to operate under such environmental conditions as high moisture, extreme temperatures, high shock or vibration, corrosive chemicals, etc. Therefore, once you are to choose external antenovas buy those models which have all the necessary properties. Here you are presented with the highest quality antennas built to perform their functions seamlessly.

Wifi external antennas deliver doughnut-shaped coverage. The models you will find here all ensure strong wireless performance at rather far distances. They are great for home use.

If you need a device to transmit the radio signals received from GPS satellite distinct frequencies into electronic signals, you need a GPS receiver and, of course, a GPS external antennas. Consider the ones reviewed here.
The online shop also offers GSM external antennas to use for receiving GSM mobile operators' signals with vertical position. Our antennas cover the whole GSM frequency band. Additionally, the range of UMTS external antennas is used for cooperation with GSM repeaters. Glonass systems (GNSS) have the same orientation of the electromagnetic waves as GPS and feature decent signal power. If you are setting up a GNSS receiver, consider the Glonass external antennas we have here. They are great for establishing reliable GNSS signal reception.

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