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3G/GSM Chip Antenna

STR-A885 antenna series are specially designed for 3G/GSM applications. This chip antenna has excellent stability and sensitivity to consistently provide high signal reception efficiency.


  • 3G/GSM antenna supporting up to 5 bands including 824~960MHz and 1710~2170MHz
  • Stable and reliable in performances
  • Low profile, compact size
  • RoHS compliance
  • SMT processes compatible


  • Machine-to-machine wireless communication
  • Femto base stations
  • 3G/GSM position routers & tracking systems
  1. Outline Dimesions40.4 x 10.4 x 0.9mm
  2. Working Frequency824 ~ 960MHz
  3. VSWR3 Max.
  4. Impedance50Ω
  5. PolarizationLinear Polarization
  6. Peak Gain (@ 895MHz)1.5 (typical)dBi
  7. Efficiency (@ 895MHz)74 (typical)%

Electrical Table (1710~2170MHz Band)

  1. Working Frequency1710~2170 MHz
  2. VSWR3 max
  3. Impedance50Ω
  4. PolarizationLinear Polarization
  5. Peak Gain (@ 1950MHz)2.5 (typical)dBi
  6. Efficiency (@ 1950MHz)55 (typical)%
STR-A885 - 3G/GSM Chip Antenna

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