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GPS/Glonass module

MGGS2217 module is a highly sensitivity, ultra compact GPS/GLONASS application. It includes MSR2112 RF receiver and a MSB2311 baseband processor comprises a full-featured GPS/GLONASS baseband processor, a Flash memory and a power management unit. The RF receiver employs a single conversion digital low-IF architecture, the high level integration leaves only few off-chip matching and decoupling components really minimize the system cost. The baseband processor is controlled by adaptive signal processing and navigation firmware optimized for execution on low power microprocessor. Sophisticated adaptive control algorithms provide optimal signal acquisition/tracking strategy.

MGGS2217 GPS/Glonass solution perfectly fits for vehicle tracking, marine and timing navigation, personal tracking, asset tracking, connected PND, security device and other industrial applications


  • GPS L1 and GLONASS L1
  • Compact size 22.4x17.0x2.8 mm
  • High sensitivity of -161dBm in tracking & -144dBm in acquisition(cold start)
  • RF receiver of noise figure at 2.0dB
  • Build in power-on-reset and calibration circuits
  • Assisted/Autonomous operation
  • Fast TTFF in all modes ( a typical outdoor )
    • hot-start in 1s
    • warm-start in 32s
    • cold-start in 34s
    • Deep Indoor < 20s typical
  • Up to 10,000,000 search windows per second
  • 80 acquisition & 20 tracking channels
  • Support standard NMEA-0183 & Mstar binary protocol
  • TCXO & RTC integrated
  • Integrate a high-performance embedded CPU
  • Integrate a 1MB serial flash memory
  • Frequency-locking between -40 °C ~ 125 °C
  • Easy to integrate
    • Flexible RF interface – compatible with various frequency plan
    • Dual UART data interface
    • I2C & SPI interface
    • Numerous GPIO
    • Wheel trick , PWM and ADC input
  • Operate in 1.2V/3.1V (core/IO), integrate LDO
  • Power consumption at 3.3V (20 channels active)
    • 250mW acquisition
    • 215mW tracking
  • Battery backed RAM & RTC and direct connection
  • 0.18um CMOS for RF and 65nm Baseband

Start Now™ technology

  • Mstar Start Now™ AGPS for GSM/3GPP & CDMA for extended ephemeris and fast TTFFs (mobile phone & tracker)
  • Mstar Start Now™ MGAN™-LTE (long term ephemeris) for extended 5~7days ephemeris and fast TTFFs (PND & tracker/logger)
  • Advanced power management for trickling and position-fix™ power management

Product Application

  • PND
  • Mobile Phone
  • UMPC
  • Tracker & Logger units
  • MP3 GPS
  • GPS Watch

General Characteristics

  1. Frequency
  2. GPS L11575.42 MHz GNSS L11602 MHz
  3. Acquisition Channel80
  4. Tracking Channel20
  5. Accuracy
  6. Position2m CEP Velocity0.1 m/s Time1PPS <20 ns resolution
  7. Datum
  8. WGS-84Default WGS84
  9. Time To First Fix (TTFF)
  10. Hot start1sec., average Warm start32sec., average Cold start34sec., average
  11. Sensitivity
  12. Tracking Sensitivity-161dBm, typical Acquisition Sensitivity-144dBm, typical for cold start
  13. Dynamic condition
  14. Altitude18000m(Max) Velocity515m/s(Max) Acceleration4g Jerk1g/s

Electrical Characteristics

  1. DC Power
  2. Voltage+3.3V ~ +5.0V DC Supply currentUnder 100 mA @ 5.0V DC Typical Backup Battery Power+3.3V DC
  3. Serial Port
  4. Electrical InterfaceTwo full duplex serial communication Baud rate4.8K /9.6K(Default)/19.2K /38.4K
    /57.6K /115.2K
    Navigation update rate1Hz Protocol MessageNMEA-0183 Ver 4.00

Environmental Characteristics

  1. Operating range-40°C ~ +85°C
  2. Storage range-40°C ~ +150°C
  3. Relative Humidity5% ~ 80%

Physical Characteristics

  1. Length22.4 mm
  2. Width17.0 mm

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MGGS2217 Specification v2.2 (718.3 KB)

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