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  • Quectel has announced a dual band high precision positioning module based on the Broadcom BCM47755 chipset


    Shanghai, Oct 29, 2019 – Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd., the leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules, announced today that Quectel LC79D has entered into mass ...

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  • The new generation of Smart LTE Cat 6 modules


    SC600T/SC600Y is Quectel’s new generation of multi-mode Smart LTE Cat 6 module with built-in Android 9.0 OS. Based on Qualcomm octa-core and 64-bit high-performance processors wi...

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  • Quectel announces the release of MC90


    Quectel Wireless Solutions, the leading global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) modules, today announces the release of MC90, a quad-band GSM/GPRS/GNSS/Wi-Fi module. The new ...

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  • Quectel Launches Automotive-grade AG35 Module (IATF 16949 Certification)


    AG35 is a series of automotive grade LTE category 4 module developed by Quectel. Designed and manufactured according to IATF 16949:2016 quality management system, it is targeted ...

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  • Extremely Compact GNSS L96 Module with Chip Antenna


    L96 is a concurrent multi-GNSS receiver module with embedded chip antenna. With 33 tracking channels, 99 acquisition channels and 210 PRN channels, L96 supports concurrent recept...

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  • Quectel BG96 Launch Announcement


    BG96 is a multi-mode LTE Cat-M1&Cat-NB1&EGPRS Module based on Qualcomm 9x06 chipset. It supports a maximum data rate of 375kbps in the downlink and features ultra-low power consu...

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  • Quectel has released the latest FW for GNSS modules Quectel L76.


    Quectel Wireless Solutions has released the new relese version of firmware L76NR02A07S for L76, and we will start mass production with this new FW in July this year. There are so...

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  • Quectel officially releases a low-cost ROM-based GPS module L70-R


    Dear Customers, Quectel now officially releases L70-R module. L70-R is a low-cost ROM-based GPS module pin to pin compatible with L70 and L76 modules. Samples and EVB-kits are no...

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  • New Version Has Been Released For QNavigator.

    Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. has released a new version of software tool QNavigator V1.2. The software tool is designed to help developers in the study of AT commands and features of the wo...
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  • Quectel has released a GSM module testing tool


    Quectel has developed and released a GSM module testing tool called "QNavigator" for easily demonstrate to customers the main features of Quectel’s modules.

    Customers can use this tool c...

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