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Quectel has released the latest FW for GNSS modules Quectel L76.


Quectel Wireless Solutions has released the new relese version of firmware L76NR02A07S for L76, and we will start mass production with this new FW in July this year. There are some new features that we can support on the latest FW, and we have made some improvements on the performance as well. For details, please find the Release Note document.

We also would like to highlight the unique feature named GLP mode which can support extremely low power consumption on tracking (approx. 7.3mA @tracking mode). GLP is an optimized solution for wearable, fitness and tracking devices. You can have the detailed information from the attached GNSS_Lower_Power_Mode_ Application_Note document. Additionally, we support some other SDK commands such as default baudrate setting, QPEPE command for estimated horizontal and vertical position error, Odometer reading, ECEF, PZ90, and so on. Please find the GNSS_SDK_Command_Manual for more information. The latest MP FW is also enclosed for all of you.

The New features of the latest FW L76NR02A07S are listed below:

  • Add the command $PQBAUD to modify and savee baud rate.
  • Add the command $PQ1PPS to modify output mode of 1PPS.
  • Add the command $PQEPE to set GPEPE sentence output.
  • Add the command $PQGLP to enter into or exit GNSS low power (GPL) mode.
  • Add the command PQECEF to set ECEFPOSVEL sentence output.
  • Add the command $PQODO to start or stop odometer reading.
  • Add the command $PQPZ90 to enable or disable switching from WGS84 to PZ-90.11.

The file of firmware is available on our website under the tab Downloads at the page of the module L76 description. For additional information, please contact Satron Electronics:

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