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Quectel has released a GSM module testing tool


Quectel has developed and released a GSM module testing tool called "QNavigator" for easily demonstrate to customers the main features of Quectel’s modules.

Customers can use this tool conveniently even if they do not know any AT command. “QNavigator User Guide” included in distribution package provides step by step instruction about using the tool, thanks to it customers can quickly start to use this tool.

The main features set of this tool includes SMS, Voice Call, TCP/UDP, PPP, AT Command query and testing. It can also be used as QCOM test tool for sending AT command’s and data to the modules. (QCOM tool is generally used to send and receive data using the serial port.)

Set of installation files you can find on pages with the description of GSM modules.

We hope that this tool can help you to evaluate and quickly start with Quectel modules.

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