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GLONASS/GPS module MGGS2217 approved for use in the area of government regulation to ensure the unity of measurements


March 6 2012 the group of companies „GLONASS Neva“ received a certificate of Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology on the GLONASS/GPS module MGGS2217. MGGS2217 is approved for use in the field of governmental regulation to ensure unity of measurements. The module is based on GLONASS/GPS chipset MSB2311 of "Mstar Semiconductor" company. This chipset, like all other navigation solutions of Mstar, was developed by a group of Russian experts. It is also noteworthy that in MSB2311 is used the same solutions as in chipset Mstar MSB2320, on the basis of which were constructed almost all presented on the market GLONASS / GPS personal navigators.

The team that developed the two-system chipsets Mstar, consists of 15 scientists and engineers, three of them have master's degree. According to the materials of development in 2012-2013 will be protected three more PhD and one doctoral dissertation. This team exists unchanged almost for 15 years and has a common experience in the development of satellite navigation for more than two centuries. Intellectual property is protected by 10 patents of Russia U.S., have been published over 40 scientific papers in Russia and also abroad. The development team maintains close contact with leading universities in Russia and forms a talented pool of top students and young scientists.

For 15 years, the team participated in the development of the first in the world and in Europe, navigation receivers, such as GLONASS / GPS / WAAS receiver for civilian navigation, GLONASS/GPS receiver for precision approach for landing aircraft, GPS receiver space-based mass application. Only in 2011 the number of sold navigation Mstar chipsets, designed in Russia, has exceeded 5 million units. In 2011 was decided to move production of modules MGGS2217 for contract manufacturing in Perm(city of Russia).

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