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Super Single Modular Power 1U

Key Features:

  • 19” Rack-mount design.
  • Compact modular integration.
  • “All-in-One” independent design.
  • Powerful intelligent electric management control strategy.
  • Built-in cell monitoring and balancing.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Multi-level safety design.
  • Thermal control and management.
  • High-accuracy and high-resolution information.
  • Convenient for installation.
  • Abundant communication interfaces.
  • High operational reliability.
  • Free-maintenance.
  • Advantage:

    1. High Energy Efficiency, Long Service Life
      Adopt advanced Lithium-ion battery as the core of system, enjoying high energy efficiency and at least 5 times longer service life than VRLA.
    2. Compact in Size, Light in Weight
      Save up to 60% weight and 30% volume, when compared with lead acid battery at the same ratings.
    3. Superior Temperature Feature
      Excellent performance in low and high temperature environment.
    4. Excellent Safety
      Safe chemical composition, plus multi-level protection design.
    5. Environmental Friendly
      No noise. No gas. No acid spill. No harm to people or environment..
    6. Renewable Energy
      Compatible with Solar input charge. Minimized maintenance, Less overall cost for the ownership.


    1. Uninterrupted Power System
    2. Central data center

    Mechanical and Electrical Interface:

    1. ETSI 19”, U standard rack-mount design
    2. Installed on the standard communication rack
    3. Available interface of RS232, RS485 or CAN

    Functional Features:

      Information collection and management
      • Timely high-precision collection of massive strings of cell’s voltage in each battery module.
      • Timely temperature data collection and monitoring.
      • Timely collect and monitor charging-discharging current.
      • Basic functions of electric management and thermal management such as overcharge, over discharge, over current and over temperature, etc.
      Perfect system control strategy
      • Timely monitoring cell’s voltage in charging and discharging status.
      • Intelligent intermittent charging mode.
      • Real-time management and monitoring remotely.
      • Warnings and alarms.
      System management function
      • Perfect charging and discharging protection.
      • Timely information display of faults and status.

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