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Lithium ion Polymer (Lipo) Battery is employed with li-ion electrolyte and is packed with Aluminum plastic film. Li-polymer batteries offer several advantages. Firstly, it has a great energy density in terms of weight. Secondly, Lipo battery is more flexible in cell sizes and shapes. Finally, it is of higher safety, and with superior stability in over-voltage and high temperature conditions.

Principle and Reactions:

    When a lithium-based cell is charging, the lithium is extracted from the anode and inserted into the cathode. When the cell is discharging, the reverse occurs.

      Positive reaction: LiCoO2 → Li1-xCoO2 + xLi+ + xe-

      Negative reaction: xLi+ + xe- + 6C → LixC6

      Total reaction LiCoO2 + 6C → Li1-xCoO2 + LixC6

      Equivalent Model:

      • Varta: PLF 503759, LPP 383450, LPP 454261
      • Ultralife: UBP363450/PCM, UBP103450/PCM, UBP053048/PCM
      • Sanyo: UPF385269, UPF454261, UPF574199
      • Sony: UP383450A6T, UP473450A6T, UP503759A7H
      • LG: ICP 463443, ICP 463945, ICP 563937, ICP 563443

      Key Features:

      • Higher operating voltage of 3.7V.
      • Higher discharge rate for more powerful devices. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are of outstanding discharge rate, sufficient to power a hard disk, a video camera’s motor and other devices.
      • High energy density.
      • High safety and long cycle life.
      • Environmentally friendly.


  1. R/C helicopter and racing car
  2. Military power
  3. Aviation model
  4. Electric power tools

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