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Lithium ion Polymer (Lipo) Battery is employed with li-ion electrolyte and is packed with Aluminum plastic film. Li-polymer batteries offer several advantages. Firstly, it has a great energy density in terms of weight. Secondly, Lipo battery is more flexible in cell sizes and shapes. Finally, it is of higher safety, and with superior stability in over-voltage and high temperature conditions.

Principle and Reactions:

    When a lithium-based cell is charging, the lithium is extracted from the anode and inserted into the cathode. When the cell is discharging, the reverse occurs.

      Positive reaction: LiCoO2 → Li1-xCoO2 + xLi+ + xe-

      Negative reaction: xLi+ + xe- + 6C → LixC6

      Total reaction LiCoO2 + 6C → Li1-xCoO2 + LixC6

      Equivalent Model:

      • Varta: PLF 503759, LPP 383450, LPP 454261
      • Ultralife: UBP363450/PCM, UBP103450/PCM, UBP053048/PCM
      • Sanyo: UPF385269, UPF454261, UPF574199
      • Sony: UP383450A6T, UP473450A6T, UP503759A7H
      • LG: ICP 463443, ICP 463945, ICP 563937, ICP 563443

      Key Features:

      • High operating voltage of 3.7V and energy density.
      • High discharge rate for more powerful devices. Lithium-ion polymer batteries are of outstanding discharge rate, sufficient to power a hard disk, a video camera
      • Stable discharge under various environmental temperature conditions. Lithium-ion polymer batteries provide stable discharge within a wide range of temperatures, from –20℃ to +60℃.
      • Superior storage characteristics The self-discharge rate of Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature.
      • Excellent cost performance and long cycle life Superior recharging properties ensure a service life up to 800 cycles under normal usage conditions.
      • Environmentally friendly.


  1. Portable DVD player
  2. Bluetooth, wireless devices
  3. Wearable electronics devices
  4. PDA and digital camera
  5. Security display stand for Iphone/Ipad
  6. Camera anti-theft display stand
  7. Electric bike
  8. GPS, monitoring units, tracking units
  9. Notebook, e-book
  10. Telematics solutions
  11. Realtime location system
  12. Tracking device
  13. Sleep management equipment
  14. Remote medical monitor
  15. Blood oxygen tracking
  16. Pulse monitoring
  17. Wifi smart home control system
  18. “I” “Internet” products: I health, I home etc.

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